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Exterior Painting

Your home is likely to be your largest investment. At Bear's Custom Painting, our first priority is to protect that investment. Many people think exterior painting is cosmetic only. The truth of the matter is exterior painting is for your homes protection. Exterior painting is one of the most important things you can do for your home.


More than eight out of ten homes are made of wood.  They are durable, economical, easily insulated, and possess beauty and charm.  Many wood houses depend on paint to add color and beauty and protect the surface.  Preparation is the key to a long lasting, quality paint job.  Our preparation work includes: washing, scraping, sanding, caulking and priming.  We do what is necessary to provide the customer with the best job possible.


A good job takes time.
A GREAT JOB takes a little longer.
Your home is worth it!

Deck Staining

Is your deck losing its luster?  Look no further than Bear's Custom Painting for your deck painting and staining job.


Sun exposure, wind and rain can damage the surface of your deck. 

UV rays and moisture can lead to cracked wood, splinters, warping and mildew. Let the experts at Bear's Custom Painting take care of protecting your deck investment.  


  • Preparation - No job is too big or too small. Bear's Custom Painting prepares decking prior to painting with a thorough pressure washing to remove dirt, mildew, moss, damaged surface wood fibers.  Rough areas are sanded as needed to restore a smooth finish. 
  • Deck Staining - Next we carefully apply one or more coatings of high grade paint or stain that can withstand the damaging heat and UV of the summer sun, the cold of winter, and regular exposure to moisture. Your deck is in caring hands with Bear's Custom Painting experienced deck painting and staining professionals.
  • Affordability - Priced just right, Bear's Custom Painting's deck painting and deck staining jobs are always a great value.  Call today to find out how affordable Bear's Custom Painting's deck painting service truly is.

Pergola Painting & Staining

Pergolas are very popular outdoor wood structures that add character and beauty to any landscape. They are aesthetically pleasing, romantic to dine under and serve as a great escape from the midday sun. After a few seasons exposed to the elements, it's likely that your pergola has gone from perfectly quaint to slightly shabby. 


To keep the structure looking beautiful, proper finishes should be applied.  Let the experts at Bear's Custom Painting take care of protecting your pergola investment.  


Power Washing

The professionals at Bear's Custom Painting have been pressure washing houses and commercial properties since 2006. Bear's Custom Painting technicians understand that different challenges call for different solutions. We adapt the pressure applied and detergent concentractions for each custom situation, whether pressure cleaning siding and windows or power washing walkways and driveways. Your home or business is in great hands with Bear's Custom Painting's experienced pressure washing experience.


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