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Bear's Custom Painting provides quality professional interior and exterior painting, deck staining and pressure washing for commercial and residential clients in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Our attention to service and quality workmanship has earned us an exceptional reputation as one of the Best Painting Contractors in Williamsburg.


At Bear's Custom Painting we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.  Precautions are taken to protect your belongs using fresh plastic and clean drop clothes to cover your furniture and flooring. Premium quality paints from Sherwin Williams, and top quality supplies, are used to ensure a prestine long lasting finish.  With nearly 20 years in the Williamsburg, Virginia market the quality of our exterior and interior painting is unparalleled. 


A professional exterior paint job can make a world of difference to the appearance and curbside appeal of your home. A fresh coat of interior paint can bring life to your room. Paint can add character and charm while diminishing the inevitable signs of aging. If you are in need of a quality, precision, paint job for your home or business, then Bear's Custom Painting is awaiting your call.


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Bear's Custom Painting Provides Outstanding Interior and Exterior Painting Services.

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Williamsburg Residential Exterior Painting

A fresh paint job has the power to totally transform the look of your house in less time and for less cash than any other remodeling project. That thin skin of resin and pigment also protects your investment, shielding it from sun, wind, and rain; until the paint begins to crack and peel, that is. Then it’s time to button up with a couple of new coats. Properly applied, new paint should last for a number of years, provided you use top-quality materials, apply them with care (with an eye on the weather), and, most important, clean and sand every surface first. If you are in need of a quality Exterior Paint Job in the Williamsburg Virginia area, contact Bear's Custom Painting today.

Williamsburg Residential Interior Painting

Bear's Custom Painting helps you make the right decisions for a beautiful, long lasting, interior paint job. We consult you on the right paint to purchase for your project, and help you get your painting project done correctly from the start. With over 20 years in the painting business Bear's Custom Painting is your best choice for Interior Painting in Williamsburg, Virginia. 

Williamsburg Commercial Painting

Bear's Custom Painting has provided high quality professional interior and exterior painting and remodeling services to commercial and retail customers in the Williamsburg Virginia area since 2006.

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